Bharath Spices Pulveriser

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Spices Pulveriser

Our Pulverizers are exclusively ideal for the grinding of spices, especially for high value condimentslike, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom with a capacity from 50 Kgs to 500 Kgs. Per hour, more ever thismachine is also highly capable of grinding pulpy material, like green/red chilly, fresh ginger garlic paste, and other wet and allied food products.
You were requested to enquire about spice related products by e-mails will give you a thorough ideaof the type of equipment manufactured by us on this specific field.
BIW-15 (SP) 50 Kg/Hr 7.5/10 HP
BIW-20 (SP) 100 Kg/Hr 20 HP
BIW-25 (SP) 150 Kg/Hr   25 HP
BIW-30 (SP) 200 Kg/Hr 30 HP
BIW-35 (SP) 250/300 Kg/Hr   40 HP