Bharath Drum Chipper

The Symbol for Excellance

Drum Chipper

‘BHARATH’ Drum type chippers employ mechanisms consisting of a large steel drum powered by a motor, usually by means of a belt. The drum is mounted parallel to the hopper and spins towards the output chute.

The drum also serves as the feed mechanism, drawing the material through as it chips it. It is colloquially known as a "chuck-and-duck" chipper, due to the immediate speed attained by material dropped into the drum.
BDWC-0203 2 to 3 TPH 20/30 HP
BDWC-0304 3 to 4 TPH 50/60 HP
BDWC-0406 4 to 6 TPH   75 HP
BDWC-0710 7 to 10 TPH 100 HP
BDWC-1015 10 to 15  TPH   120 HP