Bharath Double Roller Crusher

The Symbol for Excellance

Double Roller Crusher

BHARATH looks back on a history of over 62 YEARS. The first ever foundry in part of south india having cupola furnaces already in operation. Since the mid 1970s, the company as a whole has been concentrating its efforts more and more on fabricating machineries for providing smart solutions to Crushing & Pulverizing technologies and in the mid 1990s we were one of the pioneers in the field of
* Grinding/pulverizing.
* Crushing.
* Chipping.
* Mixing/Blending.
* Screening & Washing.
* Recycling.
* Filtration.
* Material handling equipments.

Global Presence
We can also exporting our Machineries & Plants for various applications based on customer demands on ‘TURNKEY’ basis, also providing worldwide service and support on-site. Therefore, optimal customer care and performance and availability of the plants are guaranteed at all times. On that basis, we have our clients on around 30+ countries which includes Australia, Malaysia, Oman, Ethiopia, Benin, Malaysia, Bangladesh & Srilanka etc.,
BROC-1206 5 TPH 10 HP
BROC-1883 10 TPH 20 HP
BROC-1980 20 TPH   25 HP
BROC-1998 30 TPH 30 HP
BROC-2070 40 TPH   40 HP
BROC-2300 50 TPH 50 HP