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Flat Belt Conveyors is a type of Belt Conveyor in which a flat belt rotates over the pulleys. They are used as a medium to transport cartoons and bulk materials of small sizes at various places such as warehouses, general stores, airports to carry luggage etc. A Flat Belt Conveyor that we manufacture is a minimum of 100mm and can be a maximum of 2 meters in width size. The length or the range of a Flat Belt Conveyor can be up to 300 meters. The speed of a Flat Belt Conveyor can vary from 1m/minute to 200m/minute. There are three types of Flat Belt Conveyors build by us namely Inclined Belt Conveyors, Curved Belt Conveyors and Straight Belt Conveyors.

The Flat Belt Conveyors can be customized as per the requirement of our customers and are available in various sizes, lengths, and dimensions. Sawhney Industries uses supreme quality in manufacturing Flat Belt Conveyors and makes sure that each product is able to clear rigorous tests in order to prove their flawlessness. The Flat Belt Conveyors built by us are highly durable in nature and can be both floor-supported and ceiling-hung.